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Mountain View offers many opportunities for academic assistance. Students requiring extra support to meet standard in both ELA and math are scheduled into either co-teach and / or intervention classes. All of these environments are designed to provide a higher ratio of teacher / paraeducator support, and to offer differentiated approaches to grade level curriculum and standards. Intervention classes are a supplement to regular math and ELA classes.

At MMS we believe that “every student will turn in every assignment for every teacher, every day.” This is a very aggressive goal that is supported by the ICU system and database. When students are missing assigned work, their teacher enters that missing assignment in the ICU database. By doing so, parents are contacted in real time via text and email. This is our way of building an effective partnership between parents and teachers. If your child is on the ICU list for missing work, we offer homework lunch daily and after school homework enhancement in the library every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:25 to 4:00 p.m. Transportation is also provided.

Academic Assistance

Grade  Subject  Website  Description
 6-8  Math/ELA  Internet4Classrooms  Skill building activities for both Language Arts and Math. To access online links, click on Language Arts Activities or Mathematics Activities for the grade level of your child.
 6-8  Math  Kahn Academy  Teaches specific math skills based on student needs as determined by pre-assessments. There are videos to watch for each skill to assist parents in teaching the lessons.
 6-8  Reading  Read Write Think  Many tools that help students process and publish their work
 6  Reading  Tween Tribune  This website provides articles, updated daily, about things going on in the world. It exposes students to real life nonfiction reading on interesting topics.
 6-8  Misc  Pierce County Library  Online tutors available for any subject, available in English or Spanish. Online homework help requires a library card.