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Digital Device Coverage Program

The Digital Device Coverage Program is optional and provides an inexpensive solution for families, students and staff to lessen the financial burden if an accident or theft occurs.   Students and staff may choose not to participate in the Digital Device Coverage Program, but will be fully responsible for any associated cost for damage or theft. The Digital Device Coverage Program will cover one school year and is nonā€refundable. Students and staff receiving a device after March 1 of each calendar year will be eligible for prorated coverage.   Give yourself peace of mind and limit your financial obligation by purchasing Digital Device Coverage (Assurance).

  • Assurance will cover you from the date it is purchased through the end of September.
  • It is an annual purchase--it must be purchased each year.
  • It covers multiple devices (if you have more than one)
  • The normal early enrollment discount of 20% will be available through the end of September.
  • If a device is stolen, technology requires a copy of the police report.
  • The price is the same as the last four years: 

$25.00 w/ discount  = $20        (No Reduction In Lunch Rate)

$12.50 w/ discount = $10      (Reduced Lunch Rate)

$6.25 w/ discount=   $5        (Free Lunch Rate)

How to purchase Digital Device Coverage:

  1. This form must be filled out by a Technology Department staff member, or by school library staff.   Elementary staff: please coordinate with your principal as to the best time to have library staff assist you.  
  2. Take the completed form with you and pay for the assurance at any district bookkeeper on the same day that the form is filled out -- this includes the front desk at Central Office.  Elementary schools can accept payment with the head secretary.
  3. The form is not required to be kept after you've purchased assurance, or stored in any manner--nor is technology notification required. Technology simply checks the receipting system to check "if Assurance was purchased or not" when device damage occurs. 

 Questions? Call the Tech Department 253-891-6111. 

Chromebook Coverage

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