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It is vital to a good education that students are in class on time. A student will be marked as tardy if he/she arrives at the workstation after class begins. Excessive tardiness will be cause for disciplinary action. The teacher will notify parents/students if additional tardy expectations are in place.

As a Mountain View student, you are expected to be on time. Oversleeping and/or missing the bus are not excused tardies

If you are consistently late to school, you will receive the following consequences per semester:

  • 1-3 Tardies:  Warning issued and parent contact
  • 4-6 Tardies:  Parent contact and ISS lunch detention
  • 7+ Tardies:  Parent contact, Wednesday School and progressive administrative consequences 

Late Arrival/Early Dismissal

Because schools are held liable for student safety, any time a student arrives late to school or leaves early from school, he/she must check in and out through the Attendance Office. Students may not leave campus without prior approval.